Our goal is to make the process of moving your vehicle as smooth and as stress free as possible. Part of making your auto mover experience as easy as possible is being transparent so you know what to expect during the process. If you have additional questions or need cheap car transport, our highly trained and experienced staff is just a phone call away at 1-888-267-6655.

Service Provider Types

There are two types of auto transportation companies: Brokers and Carriers.

  • Auto Transport Brokers arrange for freight to be shipped. They don’t have their own trucks so they assign their freight to carriers. The benefit of using a reputable auto shipping broker is that the broker can typically service large parts of the United States. However, make sure you are using a broker that is licensed, bonded and carries the appropriate levels of insurance! Many do not, buyer beware.
  • Auto Transport Carriers do the heavy lifting. They are the guys with the trucks driving down the road. The benefit of using a reputable carrier is that you are dealing directly with the auto hauler. However, most auto carriers only service local or regional markets.
    National Transport, with its sister companies, is both a broker and a carrier. What this means is we can move your car anywhere in the United States AND we have our own fleet of trucks to provide superior service.

Trailer Types

You can request for your car to be moved on two different types of transport trailers:

  • Open trailer moves are typically less expensive because the car hauler can fit more vehicles on its trailer. But open trailers expose your vehicle to weather and road debris. Although damage rarely happens on open trailers from road debris, make sure you choose a broker or carrier with superior levels of insurance.
  • Enclosed trailers are typically more expense. By using an enclosed trailer, you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is fully enclosed and away from the road.
    National Transport offers both trailer types. Our easy to use instant online quote will tell you exactly how much open or enclosed car transport will cost.

Service Types

When it comes to your auto move, you have many choices. Among them are the services that you require. National Transport provides the following auto transport services:

  • Open transport
  • Enclosed transport
  • Towing transport
  • Transportation of vehicles that do not run
  • Guaranteed pick-up and delivery dates
  • Door-to-door service

Client Types

Many different types of people require car shipping services. Among them are people moving to new homes, snowbirds traveling to warmer climates for the winter, college students moving across the country for school, military personnel relocating to a new base and online car buyers. On an annual basis, over 7,000 different people use our services. Personal Relocation moves are National Transport’s largest customer group. We move thousands of vehicles for individuals moving to new homes across the country. Most household goods movers will quote auto transport, but the prices are typically high. Moving cars is all we do, so we can offer more competitive prices than traditional movers. Online Car Buyers use National Transport to quote and move vehicles purchased online. Our superior insurance coverage allows buyers to know their new car will arrive in perfect condition and stay informed along the way. Snowbirds move south for the colder, winter months. National Transport is experienced at moving luxury cars for these discerning clients. In fact, because of our great service, many are repeat customers for many years. College students often times use National Transport services to get their cars to and from campus. Long drives after final exams can be dangerous. Instead, let us handle the car move while you jump on a plane back home. Military transfers are common and National Transport makes it easy for our service men and women to move between bases. Located just north of Patrick Air Force Base in Florida, we have a keen appreciation for the military and the stress a base move puts on their families.

Understanding Your Quote

When it comes to your auto move quote, make sure you understand what you are getting. Be sure to ask these 5 questions with your shipping quote:

  1. What type of trailer is the auto hauler using? Trailer type will change your quoted price. Open trailers are typically less expensive than enclosed trailers.
  2. Is the service door-to-door? Some car movers will make you meet them at a depot or central location.
  3. Is insurance included? Superior insurance coverage is essential. Ask if your quote includes cargo insurance. We would recommend at least $150,000 of cargo coverage. Remember, there are other cars on the trailer. In addition, ask if the provider has additional coverage in the event of a total loss accident.
  4. Are there any hidden fees? Some auto movers will add sneaky fees like fuel surcharges. Never at National Transport!
  5. How long will it take to move? If you need your car shipped fast, make sure you have guaranteed pick-up and delivery dates in your quote. Guaranteed dates are typically more expensive. Also watch out for very low quotes. If the quote seems too good to be true, it probably is. Low quotes often result in your car sitting because the price quote was too low to get it moved.

More Auto Transport Resources

We hope we’ve answered many of you auto transport questions. If not, here is a list of helpful resources:

Other Services

In addition to auto transport services, National Transport is able to assist you with the following transportation services:

If you are ready to move your vehicle, you can start by getting a free instant transportation quote online. If you still have questions, our experienced and service focused staff is here to help. Call us at 1-888-267-6655 for help with your auto transport needs.