You’ve worked hard to have the benefit of being able to enjoy a winter retreat in a warm climate. There’s no reason you should have to stress over getting to your warm weather escape by having to make a long drive across country or up and down the east coast. Trust in us to get your vehicle to you so you can look forward to wiling away the winter doldrums. Affordable rates, efficient and reliable delivery and the peace of mind that lets you look forward to snowbird season without the worry of getting to your second home. No matter where your travels take you, you can trust National Transport to get you there with our reliable auto transport services.

5 Benefits of Auto Transport for Snowbirds

  1. Renting a car can be expensive. Renting a car is not only costly when you are a snowbird, but it can also be inconvenient. In addition to the restrictions that go along with renting a car, many people feel uncomfortable driving a vehicle that is not their own. Wouldn’t it be easier to simply have your own vehicle?
  2. Experience fewer interruptions with your travel plans! Don’t let your travel plans get interrupted again! When driving long distances by car in the wintertime, things often fail to go as originally expected. Weather delays, poor road conditions and vehicular problems often cause delays from as little as a few hours to a few days. Instead, use National Transport, LLC as your trusted auto transport company, and have your vehicle shipped to you wherever you are. It’s that easy!
  3. Reduce your risk of driving during winter conditions. Most people don’t need to be warned about the dangers that lay hidden in winter driving. Especially if you are considering traveling by car from New York to Florida, you may want to consider the benefits of using an auto transport company first. Save yourself the stress of having to navigate winter road conditions and, instead, leave the driving to one of our professional auto transport drivers.
  4. Save money on overall travel costs. Have you ever tallied up how much money you spend on a cross country road trip? Snowbirds who travel by car can really rack up the costs with gasoline refueling, unexpected roadside emergencies (i.e. flat tires), hotel costs, food stops and other detours that may occur along the way.
  5. Get where you’re going faster. Driving from Maine to Florida by car takes a LONG time. You’re battling traffic. You’re battling unpredictable road conditions. You’re battling other bad drivers. Save yourself the hassle and ship your vehicle instead!

National Transport can get you where you need to go in the time frame that works for you. Since we are a broker and carrier, our large network of drivers and trucks let you choose the best delivery time for your schedule. And get you to your sunny destination that much faster!

Whether you’re headed to Florida, Arizona, California or any other warm state we have door-to-door service. So you won’t have to worry about picking up or dropping your car off, our car shippers will come right to your home. Many of our customers drive their RV south, but would rather not deal with the hassle of towing their car. Using a car transport company relives the stress of worrying about your car the entire drive. Once you’re ready to head back north we offer the same options round trip.

National Transport offers a snowbird discount! Call us for more details on our snowbird discount and ask about some of our additional discounts such as military and repeat customer.

You need an auto transport quote you can trust, and that’s what we offer! Contact us today at 1-888-267-6655. Remember, we also offer snowbird discounts!