At the moment, we cannot offer any of these discounts online. However, a quick call to our customer service team will get them applied to your order in no time. We can be reached at 1-888-267-6655.

Discount Types

New Customer Discount: Need an extra incentive to select us as your auto transport company? It’s not a lot, but we will take a little money off your order when you select us.
Repeat Customer Discount: We are grateful for your business and we want you back. Come back to us and we will take $25-$50 off your next auto transport!
Snowbirds Discount: Heading south for the winter? Have a nice meal on us when you arrive. Call us for details at 1-888-267-6655.
Military Discount: We are thankful for your service, and as a token of our appreciation we will discount your auto move to your new base.
College Discount: With education costs always on the rise, we know budgets are tight. Let us help where we can!

Multi Car Moves

Multi-vehicle moves provide for some logistical efficiencies. As such, we are willing to pass along the savings to you. When you call our customer service team with a multi-car quote at 1-888-267-6655, ask them for the multi-car discount. The more vehicles on the order, the larger the discounts.

Price Matching

Think about this: We have instant prices for ALL car models and ALL zip code combinations in the United States. That’s a lot of price points. We are human so we won’t get all of them right. If you receive a quote from another auto transport company that is lower than our quote, call our customer service team at 1-888-267-6655 and ask them to match the price. In most cases, they will! So not only will you receive a competitive price, you will receive industry leady cargo insurance coverage and the backing of one of the nation’s best auto transport companies!

Auto Transport Rates

Many factors go into determining your rate. We have an article listing all the factors that can raise or lower the price of your transportation here How Much Does it Cost. Although, if you just want to get a quote, you can use our Instant Quote tool online. You can even purchase directly from our quoting tool! Get a Quote Today!