Philadelphia Car Shipping Done Right

National Transport’s car movers know the streets of Philly and can provide safe passage for your car, especially during the winter months when the roads are the unsafe. National Transport even offers enclosed shipping options that can further protect your car during a Philadelphia snowstorm. When relocating to the Philly area, you shouldn’t have to worry about the traffic and inclement weather. Let National Transport expertise and our safety record securely transfer your car. We make it easy for you to get your car shipped to the Philadelphia area, whether it’s Center City with its narrow streets or South Philly with its own set of obstacles. We are used to the unpredictable weather of the East Coast, and will be able to manage long distances such as car transport from San Diego to Philadelphia with ease. Our auto movers are knowledgeable in the industry and know how to transport cars safely and on-time. Let us help make your transition to the city of brotherly love that much easier.

Car Shipping to Philadelphia –Is It Affordable?

Yes! Car Shipping is more affordable than you may believe. Once you add in the rising price of gas, hotels, and food, you can quickly see that it can be more affordable to ship your car to its final destination. If that’s not enough, then one facet many people overlook is the wear and tear of driving the car yourself. For instance, let’s say you want to drive your car from Miami to Philly, then first you would need to have a maintenance check to make sure it is safe and in good shape for the trip. Next you have the new tires and brakes, and whatever else you needed to get up to par to feel safe to drive to Philly and you realize you spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Save your money and time and let National Transport help make your relocation that much easier by letting us do the driving for you. Our vehicle transport service has been around since 2004, and has helped ship over 30,000 cars annually.
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Seasonality and Pricing

While we don’t usually see seasonality in the PA market, we do see more freight leaving the state of PA than entering it. Therefore, it’s usually more expensive to ship freight out of PA (for example, shipping your car from Philadelphia to New York) and it can sometimes take longer for carriers to pick up your vehicle.

Types of Service

National Transport offers all of its vehicle shipping and towing services in the PA market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if the driver cannot get to where my car is located?
A: Our drivers will get as close as they are legally and safely able to. They will typically arrange a location in advance if their truck is unable to get directly to your door. However, this only occurs in rare circumstances.

Q: I am purchasing one or several vehicles from an auction in Philadelphia, does your company work with the auctions?
A: We have extensive experience working with several auctions in the Philadelphia area and will be able to accommodate any auction purchases you need to transport.

Q: I am moving to Philadelphia during the winter months, how do I prepare my vehicle for winter transport?
A: We recommend that our customers take their vehicle to their normal mechanic and have it “Winterized” by a professional when preparing for a move to a harsher winter climate.