Dependable Car Shipping in Washington D.C.

National Transport knows the business of auto shipping and our vehicle movers in Washington D.C. are experienced and knowledgeable of the highways and streets of the Capitol and the surrounding areas. Our car transporters have the expertise to safely load, securely transport, and unload your car, ensuring every aspect of your car shipment is taken care. National Transport prides itself on the years of dedicated service to our customers, and find, because of our superb service, that we have many satisfied and happy repeat customers. Fill out our quick and free online quote form to see just how affordable and easy it is to get your car shipped to the Washington D.C. area. Whether you are looking to travel to or from Washington D.C. for an extended period of time, National Transport, the leading auto shipping company in Washington D.C., will guarantee your car safe passage.

Car Shipping Made Simple

How easy is it to ship your car to Washington D.C. with National Transport? Very easy! We have been shipping cars for a very long time and we know Washington D.C. and our car carriers know the highways and byways of about anywhere you can imagine. The Capitol’s resident population is about 500,000 people, but during the week it swells to over a million people because of commuters and tourists. That many people squeezed into a small area often causes traffic jams and severe congestion on the roads, not to mention the occasional road closures due to the Presidential Motorcade. By shipping your car to Washington D.C., you can avoid all of this. We make your move simple, so you don’t have to stress over details of getting your vehicle safely across the country. It’s pretty simple. Say you want to ship your car from San Francisco to Washington D.C. and you need to know the rate quick. You simply fill out our online quote form accurately and you will receive your quote in a matter of seconds. From that point on you will know exactly what our price is to ship your car from San Francisco to Washington D.C. Next you arrange a pick-up location and a delivery point with one of our expert carriers. Finally, you relax, knowing your car is being carefully transported on the long trip that you now do not have to drive. With National Transport LLC, there is no hassle; just simple, honest auto transport to get you where you’re needing to move your car.
To get your free Washington D.C. car shipping quote from National Transport today, give us a call at 1-888-267-6655.

Seasonality and Pricing

Washington D.C. exhibits some seasonality in the fall and winter as snowbirds ship their vehicles to warmer climates. During these periods, prices out of D.C. will be higher than during other seasons. Similarly, prices to D.C. during the spring months will be higher as snowbirds ship their cars back to their summer homes.

Types of Service

National Transport offers all of its services in the Washington D.C market. We also specialize in towing services to Baltimore and the surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am having a vehicle shipped to my home in Washington D.C. and the streets surrounding my location will not allow a large truck, how will your driver deliver my vehicle?
A: When instances like this arise, the driver will call in advance and arrange a location to meet you at that is convenient for you. Unfortunately, there are many streets in Washington DC that will not allow large trucks to deliver freight, however, since this is a common problem, our drivers are very familiar with working around it and still keeping it as convenient for you as possible.

Q: I am moving to Washington D.C. during the winter months, how do I prepare my vehicle for winter transport?
A: We recommend that our customers take their vehicle to their normal mechanic and have it “Winterized” by a professional when preparing for a move to a harsher winter climate.

Q: Is it cheaper if I ship my vehicle to a location outside of the D.C. metro area?
A: We can check into surrounding areas (example: Alexandria, VA) for cheaper pricing. These discounts may be seasonal or subject to availability depending on weather, however, we will be happy to check for you!