Transporting a boat or recreational vehicle can be safe and seamless when you hire a trusted transportation company. Choose the wrong company, however, and you may find yourself in trouble. Keeping in mind the logistics of transport and the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations when it comes to boats or RVs is also crucial in making sure your vehicle gets where it needs to go in a timely manner without any problems. When it comes to transporting boats and RVs, we are well aware of the particular needs and safety issues involved in the transportation of these vehicles. In order to properly transport a boat or RV you can’t simply just load it up on a truck and hope for the best. The vehicle transport company you hire should be aware of issues like having the right trailer type, using the right specialized equipment to load and accommodate the freight, and maintaining the equipment so that it adheres to the rules and regulations of the United States Department of Transportation.

Rest assured, with us, you’ll find the dedication and experience and awareness of all these issues. We have shipped vehicles for vacationing customers, all types of buyers and sellers from across the nation, dealers – new and used, and corporate, industrial and commercial relocation companies.

Ways to make your Boat Transport East – Preparation

There any many things you can do ahead of time in preparation for your transport. These things will make the pickup and delivery a lot smoother.

Measure and take pictures of your boat before transport. The measurements will help when providing information to your Transportation Company. When measuring, include the full length and height of the boat. During preparation of the boat for transport you may need to dismantle some elements. Taking pictures of the boat beforehand will help you reassemble anything you may have had to remove. You should also check for any pre-existing damage and make a note of it for reference on delivery.

Weigh stations are monitoring for Zebra Mussels. Check your boat beforehand for any Zebra Mussels which may have attached and remove them. If they are found, your boat will be seized at the weigh station. Read more on why this invasive species is so monitored.

Prepare your boat for transport. If you are unable to prepare your boat, you can hire someone qualified at the boat yard to do so. Many times, if you’re boat is not prepared, the transporter will ship it as is and that can result in damage or it will cause a large delay. If you boat or yacht is oversized have the proper regulations. Some states require high poles or even an escort. National Transport has years of experience hauling boats and will have this process.

Why National Transport

We offer more than affordable boat and RV quotes specialized to your needs. We work hard to make sure that each of our boat transport and RV transport customers receive the quality services that will provide them with the comfort of knowing that they won’t be “waiting and wondering” whether or not their boat or RV will arrive. Transporting your oversized vehicle is only one piece of the puzzle. The piece that makes a perfect picture is ensuring that when you choose National Transport, you get everything you need out of a top-rated auto transport company and more. So don’t let the distance scare you, we’ll get your shipment to you no matter the miles.

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