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Safe and Efficient Car Shipping to Miami

Miami has the notable rank as being the smallest land area with the biggest population in the United States. Big population packed into such a small area equals traffic, traffic, traffic! While Miami is known for sunshine, beautiful beaches, and a cool nightlife, its highways and streets are tough to get around. For a less experienced car carrier, this would spell trouble, but we realize this and we know Miami. With simple door-to-door Miami car shipping services, National Transport will quickly and safely deliver your car to the location you specify. Whether you need your car carried to and from the surrounding Miami-Dade County area or from across the state of Florida, our experience and knowledge of the area will ensure your car is transported from your origin to your destination. Your car will arrive safely, efficiently, and most importantly, affordable to you, wherever you need it. Now, that is a car carrier service that you will not find anywhere else!

Moving? Relocate to Miami with a Car Transport Service

Relocating for a job or moving to Miami for retirement is stressful enough. There are so many things to think about when moving; you have packing, booking hotels for the trip, and other travel concerns. In a long state like Florida, having to put the wear and tear on your car plus the expense of travel and hotel stays will add a substantial amount to your moving budget. Wouldn’t it be nice to relocate or move without the worry of traffic or worse, getting lost among the highways and streets of Miami? With National Transport you can put those concerns away and concentrate on enjoying the move. Navigating the congested city streets of Miami is a challenge all by itself as is the expanse of the Everglades. Even smaller cities like West Palm Beach or Orlando can be troublesome to navigate if you’ve never been there before. National Transport uses car carriers who know the ins and outs of Miami and will be able to easily deliver your car to the location you desire. National Transport is the choice resource for your auto carrier needs. Whether for work or retirement, we will work with you to meet your car shipping needs. And if you are one of Miami’s snowbirds who travel to Miami every winter, be sure to ask about our discounts for repeating customers.

Here at National Transport, we ship over 30,000 cars a year to and from all over the United States. As the leading nationwide auto shipping company, we are proud to offer door-to-door services, online order tracking, discounts, no hidden fees and so much more. We even offer great deals for snowbirds moving to the “Magic City” for the winter. Whatever your reason to moving to Miami is, you can rest assured we will be expeditious in providing our quality auto transport services to you.
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Seasonality and Pricing

As one might expect, Florida car shipping is very seasonal. The population of Florida grows during the winter months and shrinks during the summer. Therefore, prices for shipping cars to Florida are higher in the winter as snowbirds ship their cars south. In the spring, auto transport prices leaving Florida are higher as snowbirds ship their transport their cars back north to their summer homes.

Types of Service

National Transport offers all of its vehicle shipping services in the Florida market. We are particularly good at intra-state freight and towing services from and to Miami.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My vehicle is being imported/exported. Is your company able to pick up/deliver the vehicle to/from the port?
A: Yes, our drivers have the proper permits and licensing to be able to load and unload at the port and then ship your vehicle from Florida to your location. You will just need to provide our representatives with the information and documents for your personal vehicle.

Q: I ship my vehicle back up north every spring. Do you offer any discounts?
A. Yes we do! We offer discounts to our snowbird and repeat customers. Visit our page for more details or call us at 1-888-267-6655.

Q: May I put items in my vehicle to ship down to my winter residence?
A: We allow up to 100 lbs. of personal items in your vehicle at no additional charge. If you need to ship over 100 lbs. to Miami, inquire about our cargo and freight services.

Q: I need to ship my vehicle to Key West but the price is a bit too high. Is there a way to get the cost down?
A: Yes, in order to save money, many of our customers going to the Keys will opt to meet the driver in Miami. This option takes less time and fuel for the carrier so we are able to lower the overall price to the customer.