When you ship your classic vehicle anywhere in the United States, reliable transport service and affordable classic car shipping quotes from National Transport are the only way to go. Our company appreciates the delicacy that is involved in the transport of your vehicle. Additionally, part of our affordable service options include enclosed shipping and other automotive transportation options. Most importantly, we know just how valuable your vehicle is, which is why we include industry leading cargo insurance coverage in our competitive classic car shipping rate quotes. After all, you didn’t spend all of this time collecting and maintaining your vehicles only to see them get damaged because of poor service from a lesser transport company. We don’t want that to happen either.

You will need to decide if you want an open or enclosed trailer. There are pros and cons to each option. Open trailers are less expensive, but if you are worried about any damage (although damage rarely occurs) you might want to consider an enclosed trailer. Then you should clean your car. This makes it much easier to inspect and see if there are an pre-existing scratches or chips that you should be aware of. Notify the driver of damage the car currently has and any additional information they might need to know about your classic car. Simple deactivation of alarms and any hidden switches will help the driver during his delivery.

Make sure your battery is charged and you have about a half tank of gas. A full tank will just add additional weight. Remove all your personal belongings and anything hanging loose on your car before shipping. Lastly, make sure your car has antifreeze at a level which will be correct for both the pick up and drop off location climate. You don’t want a cracked engine block!

Our Experience

We have spent a long time perfecting the art of collector car shipping, and are experts in classic car transport. Over the years, we have shipped vehicles for customers going to and from the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auctions, for customers buying and selling through collector car traders online, as well as for those who go through ebaymotors.com and a host of other Internet sites. We have shipped thousands of classic vehicles across the nation, providing professional, competitive vehicle relocation services dedicated to performing a streamlined delivery of your valued vehicle. So, rather than use a company that says it provides classic car shipping, opt to use a car shipping company who works with people in the car collecting business and who knows what it takes to get your favorite set of wheels properly shipped.

If you have any additional questions, or would like to speak to one of our certified agent to get a quote, call us today 888-267-6655